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Personal Meal Manager

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Though today there are endless opportunities to order food, cooking kits or simply eat outside, the vast majority of people cook their own meals. May it be for financial reasons, for the sake of health, or just because you love cooking.
Most people don’t have a lot of time though, so cooking, shopping can be very stressful.

How often have you found yourself standing hungry in front of your empty fridge and ending up ordering pizza? How often did you plan a tasty meal and then found yourself running out hungry, getting something that magically wasn’t on your shopping list before? And have you ever planed a tasty meal, got every ingredients, only to realize that the cooking time that is longer than expected?

Food Dude helps to save time on cooking and shopping, to eat healthy and never encounter an empty fridge.

What are the Benefits?

Save Time on planning

Avoid unnecessary planning time. If you plan upfront, you need less time compared to if you plan spontaneously. Nobody keeps you from changing your plan spontaneously, if you LIKE to. But you don’t HAVE TO plan again and again.
Plan a week upfront. Save it, if you like it and reuse it. Save several weeks. Combine for instance 4 planning weeks to an auto repeating planning cycle. Then everything is done until you decide to change the plan. Or just choose another saved week plan each week.

Have relaxed after work hours

Yes, you still have to cook and that takes time. But you’ll achieve routine in cooking your favourite recipes. And that means, that cooking is not going to be stressful any more. You exactly know in which order you do the single recipe steps and when you have time to clean up a bit. By the way, you don’t need to touch your smartphone while cooking.
Food Dude will listen to your command and read the single steps of the recipe for you.
For the most ingredients, one time per week shopping is enough. But even if you go shopping two times per week, you probably still save a lot of shopping time because of the good plan.

Never forget an important ingredient

FOOD DUDE adds the ingredients of all your planned meals to your shopping list. The amount you cook is automatically incorporated. So you simply can’t forget anything. If you have some ingredients already there, simply delete them from your list. You can also add additional items. It is up to you, how many meals per day you like to plan. So if you decide to only plan dinner, you add breakfast- and lunch ingredients manually.

Eat Healthy and reduce wasting food

Proper Planning is not only a time saver, it can also help you to stick to a certain diet. If everything that your body truly needs is already planned, you won’t feel the need to snack between meals and don’t order fast food because of lack of time.
Buying only what you really need will save you money and prevents wasting food.

App Design by Beate Zeuner

How does it work?

Main Screens

Food Dude includes a mobile app and a web portal. The application provides help and structure for planning, cooking and shopping. The user creates a profile, so that all data (recipes and plans) doesn’t depend on one device only. On the web portal the user has better overview of his or her recipe collection. One can manage your recipes here, search with different parameters in the Food Dude recipe data base and type in new recipes comfortably.
The Home Screen of the app links to the most used main screens and shows the next meal. The menu guides to all other main screens.

UX Design Food Dude Main Screens

Managing Recipes

The recipe section contains screens for searching in the users own collection, add new recipes from the Food Dude Database and to create own recipes. The entries are split up into the information the app processes in the other sections. For instance number of people the recipe is planned for and cooking time are processed in the planning section. Ingredients get transferred to the shopping list as soon as the meal is planned in the current week. The single steps of the recipe are processed while cooking if the user activates voice control. The recipe picture shows up in all sections that use recipe thumbnails.
For more complex entries the web portal is available.

UX Design Meal Manager
UX Design Meal Manager

Meal planning

It is possible to have a very loose plan and also to plan everything at once, so the user doesn’t have to plan anything except he wishes variation. It is possible to plan a week day by day, to save weeks and to put together several weeks to a cycle that automatically repeats. If the user has saved a lot of different weeks there is endless variation in combining them. Saving time on planning doesn’t mean to eat every day the same.
But it is also possible for people who don’t mind eating some days the same, to plan a bigger pot for several days. For singles with few time that is often a good solution.
It is also possible to change the length of planning periods from 7 days to another number, but, to keep it simple, let’s call them weeks for now.

UX Design Meal Manager

Shopping help

As already mentioned, the shopping list is automatically filled with the ingredients of the planned meals. The user can add and delete items as he wishes. FOOD DUDE remembers often added items, so they can easily be chosen the next time.

UX Design Meal Manager
UX Design Meal Manager

While cooking

As it is not very practical to use a mobile phone while cooking, FOOD DUDE provides voice control. It is possible to let FOOD DUDE read the single steps of the recipe, repeat them if needed and to stop voice control.
Alternatively one can print out the recipes from the web portal and use them as a classic cookbook.

UX Design Meal ManagerUX Design Meal Manager

Video Guide

Try It Out

FOOD DUDE Prototype

This is a prototype of the planned app. Of course, it can’t provide all interactive features, as it is not a real application yet.
But you can get a sense of the different features while clicking through the different screens. Try it out!

Recipes, shopping lists & Planning thoughtfully connected

FOOD DUDE connects recipe collecting, shopping list and meal planning all in one application. It enables everyone who doesn’t have a lot of time to safe time and enjoy cooking and eating and simply get the deserved rest in their after work hours.

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I phone 6 Mock-up template: by Kheathrow / Envato Elements

Vegetables photos, woman cooking photo and food photographing photo: Stockphotos Envato Elements

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